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The law offices of attorney Dafna Ziss specializes in the area of
matrimonial, family and inheritance law in Israel as well as in the USA.

We handle divorce cases, equitable distribution, custody and visitation,
relocation, child abduction cases, child support, spousal support,
property claims, business evaluation, enforcement proceedings,
modification of divorce judgments, settlement negotiations, divorce
agreements and financial agreements, Inheritance claims, wills, estate,
probate proceedings and more.

We are dedicated to achieve for our clients the best result by planning
the right strategic for each case and by providing excellent professional


Dafna Ziss also serves as an Of-Counsel to the law-offices of Antony A. Capetola in New York.





DAFNA ZISS, Law Offices  |  7 Masada Street, BSR 4 Tower, 19th floor  |  Bnei-Brak, 5126112  |  Tel: 972-3-7366769 Fax: 972-3-6139966  |  E-mail:


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