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Epidemic Among Celebrities


Divorces among celebrities, or if you wish, divorces among the rich and the famous,
are the worst types of divorces, in particular when they cannot agree on custody
issues of their children. These cases seem to drag-out a long time while the rest of
us are fascinated at how far these couples fight over hundreds of millions of dollars
of assets. Judging by the media and by the workload of some New-York divorce
lawyers representing the rich and the famous, we are in the midst of a divorce
epidemic among celebrities.




There are several reasons why divorces among celebrities are of a high-rate,
are extremely hostile and seem to go on for ever. It is not a secret that the rich
live in a totally different world from the rest of the folks, with different concerns,
different priorities and obviously a different lifestyle.


For most couples facing with divorce, the biggest issue is the challenge of being
able to manage their lives without the other person's income and with the assets
they are being left with after the distribution of their own assets in between themselves.
When rich couples face divorce, ego, is what drives most of them to fight for long
periods of time over large sums of money.


Neither side in these high profile cases will ever have a need for money again,
but, from their ego point of view it is necessary for each one to show that he/she
came out of the divorce stronger than before. It has been said that the high number
of failed celebrity marriages steam from the types of personalities that are attracted
to stardom and the many choices that they make to maintain this stardom. Many of
the personality and lifestyle traits that make a celebrity successful in their profession
are the same traits that are not well suited to a successful marriage.


Money is Not a Problem


Another reason why divorces among celebrities go on for a long period of time is
simply the fact that they are dreadfully rich. They have the ability to continue to pay
divorce lawyers to get them what they want on their own terms. It is well known among
divorce lawyers that once they sign up a rich client who has an ego, the sky is the
limit when it comes to the amount of money they will be able to charge their new client.
Most people are emotionally hurt and angry when they face a divorce and often their
response is to get even. Among people with moderate means it may lead to violence.
However, most people who have millions of dollars would hurt their former loved one
by obsessive attempts to hurt them financially.


The quote: "Money is not an issue" plays a double role here. Money can become
an addiction that casts dysfunctional relationship. When money starts running out,
the problems surface. On the other hand, when times are good, money can afford
to divorce. Divorce is not necessarily motivated simply by economics but economics
play an important role in it.


Corporation's Executives Divorce


Celebrities may try to do their best to keep the public from peeking at their court
records and divorce documents. In some VIP's cases the litigants pleaded that they
risk identity theft if personal information gets out. There is also a new trend,
corporations, that want to guard confidential company information when corporation's
executives divorce. Corporations are intervening in divorce cases by asking the
court to seal financial records in divorce cases and to lock spectators out of the
courtrooms. On the other hand, news organizations are fighting the trend towards
more secrecy by claiming that the First Amendment gives the public the right to
whether judges are acting fairly, in particular when the wealthy and powerful are in


Hire a "Private Judge"


Judges are required to sort out the competing rights of privacy and access to records
and take a case-by-case approach regarding divorce files. In many states of the USA
court records are being posted online. California keeps divorce records off the Web.
New York State is very strict: Divorce records are sealed from public inspection without
exception. In some states couples are allowed to hire "private Judges". That is what
actors Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did for their divorce, and the singer Michael
Jackson and former wife Debbie Rowe did regarding the custody and visitation dispute
over their children.





Paul McCartney lost $50 million to his ex-wife Heather Mills in their 2008 divorce court
battle. Britney Spears preplanning paid off: she paid only $300,000 to Shed Kevin,
leaving her with hundreds of millions to party with.


Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous. They can ease the
financial tension associated with any marriage. Prenuptial agreements can be executed
before the marriage or during the marriage.


Donald Tramp and his young wife Ivona, for example, executed three post-nuptial
agreements during their marriage. The purpose of the prenuptial agreement is to
outline the division of assets and financial issues and responsibilities in the event
of divorce, separation or death of either spouse.


It is necessary to consider a prenup (or even a postnup, it is never too late), if one
of you owns a business or has more wealth than the other or if either one of you
have children by prior relationships, (the prenup should define inheritance rights).
It is wise to execute the prenup few months before the marriage, since an agreement
signed on the eve of the wedding may be overturned if challenged in court.


If any of the above relates to your situation, do yourself a big favor and set romance
aside for a few hours while you and your future spouse or current spouse
tough financial questions and put your agreement in writing when you are entering
your marriage and/or still communicating lovingly.


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