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Child Support in New York


In New York the amount of child support paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent is determined by the state Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) and is applicable for any child under the age of twenty-one. Unless the child emancipated earlier. The calculation formula is based upon the parties' adjusted gross income and the number of children. It is also based upon premise that both parents share the responsibilities for child support. The percentages for child support are as follow:


ריבוע  - [IMG] 17% of the combined parental income for one child;

ריבוע  - [IMG] 25% of the combined parental income for two children;

ריבוע  - [IMG] 29% of the combined parental income for three children;

ריבוע  - [IMG] 31% of the combined parental income for four children;
  and No less than 35% of the combined parental income for five or more children.


There are limits that can be reached for individuals with very low income below the poverty level or very high income (statutorily above $80,000 but usually over $150,000) that will allow for deviations from these percentages.


Over and above monthly or weekly child support, the court is also likely to award a child support "add-on" for additional child expenses such as daycare costs if the custodial parent works, educational costs for the child (usually limited to college, not private or religious elementary or high school), and medical expenses, including the cost of medical insurance.


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