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Attorney Dafna Ziss has 20 years of legal experience in Israel as well as in the USA (NY) in the area of matrimonial, family and inheritance law.

Our office, located in Tel -Aviv, Israel, specializes in providing creative and practical legal solutions to any matrimonial, family or inheritance matter involving the laws of Israel, the laws of the USA, or both.


USA laws -

Our office in Tel-Aviv, Israel, specializes in handling family and inheritance matters involving the USA laws.

Attorney Dafna Ziss, who is a member of the Israeli bar (since 1990) and the New York State bar (since 2001), possesses an extensive knowledge and practical experience in the area of matrimonial, family and inheritance law in the USA and in particular in NYS where she ran her New York law practice focusing on handling complex matrimonial and family matters. Our office maintains a valuable professional relationship with prominent law Services located in the USA which allow us to better facilitate our clients' needs and interests.

In addition, Attorney Dafna Ziss is often being asked to provide the Israeli courts with her legal opinion in connection with the USA laws and legal proceedings in matrimonial, family and inheritance matters.

Practice areas -

Whether through negotiation or through litigation, our office handles all claims and matters brought before the civil, family and rabbinical courts including: divorce, separation, child abduction, relocation, custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, equitable distribution, property claims, business evaluation, enforcement proceedings, divorce agreements, financial agreements, inheritance claims, wills, probate proceedings and more.










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